Metro Atlanta Seminary’s Mentoring Program goes side-by-side with our Practicum Program. The mentor is there to provide counsel and direction to students while encouraging and assisting them in meeting their Practicum requirements

Students meet one on one each month with their mentor to discuss life and their calling from a practical and spiritual perspective. Together they will journey through two books each academic year that will stimulate conversation and growth.
The student may want to recommend a possible mentor from their own church, but if they do not have anyone in their life that would fit this position, MAS is usually able to help match the student with a mentor.

The Practicums are designed to enable the student to experience life in the ministry they feel called to by God.  For the Pastoral Track you will be involved in teaching, preaching, worship, visiting the sick and walking alongside the ones left behind.  For the Masters of Arts degree programs you have an opportunity to chose programs that will meet your ministry needs.  The Practicums can be found and downloaded from the “Forms” page.

Working the hours required in your practicum involves learning ministry ingredients not covered in the formal teaching part of the the curriculum.

At this time Metro Atlanta Seminary offers students Practicum Tracks in three areas –


Generally chosen by students preparing for ordination, chaplaincy and those involved in leading and teaching in their local church.


Students who do not feel called to the Pastoral Track but do feel called to serve God’s people in a proactive way often pick this track.  It introduces them to a number of various ministries found inside and outside the local church.


Your vocation is the working in the world.  You desire to do a better job of dealing with the issues you face day to day in this world.  What does serving God look like in this capacity?  How can I be a better image bearer and how can I bring Christ to my workplace?  That is what the Marketplace Track is all about.

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