Leadership & Faculty

Yes, they all have advanced degrees. They have studied well. And they keep learning. They are qualified to teach to the mind of students. They are gifted to teach from the heart. The faculty at MAS believe their role is to help put the very word of God on the heart of students and pray that God breaks open those hearts so it will fall in and change them.

They challenge, encourage, listen and instruct. They have years of experience doing what they do, and they are practitioners of the faith. We are not boasting, we are repeating what we have heard from former students, they are amazing.

Meet our Faculty, Staff and Board of Directors

Mr. Joseph White

B.S., M.B.A., M.Div., faculty intern

Mr. George Vaughan

B.S., M.Div., faculty intern

Rev. John Sutton

B.A., M.Div., faculty intern.

Dr. Robbie Sherrill

B.S., M.A., DCC

Rev. Randy Schlichting

B.S., M.A., M.Div.

Rev. Dr. Mike Rasmussen

BSA, MDiv, PhD

Rev. Matthew Means

B.A., M.A.

Dr. Thomas Lutz

B.S., M.Div. D.Min.

Rev. Neil Gilmour

B.A., M.Div., Th.M.

Rev. Robert Carter

B.SW., M.Ed. in Counseling

Rev. Dr. McKay Caston

B.A., M.Div., D.Min, Ph.D.

Rev. Dr. Dennis G. Bennett

B.A. M.Div., DRS.

Joe White

Executive Director

Bob Carter

Dean of Students and Mentoring

Randy Schlichting

President and Dean of Administration & Development

Dennis G. Bennett

Dean of Academics

Kelly Ward

Director of Compassion and Care, Perimeter Church

George Vaughan

VP, NAC International

Kipper Tabb

Pastor, Perimeter Church

Jim Sheppard

President, Generis

Jeff Myers

First Data (Retired)

Tom Lutz

Principal, Vision Planners

Ed Lane

Founder, Blue Donkey Coffee

Charles Dunahoo

Coordinator, CEP (Retired)

Matt Alley

Owner, Worth Consulting
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