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Course ID Course Name (current students only)
  Old Testament Survey  
  New Testament Survey  
  Hebrew for Bible Study  
  Old and New Testament Book Studies  
  Survey of Church History, Part 1  
  Doctrine of Scripture  
  God, Man, and Sin  
  Person and Work of Christ  
  Teaching and Learning  
  The Holy Spirit and Salvation  
  Doctrine of the Church  
  Person of Christ  
  Work of Christ  
  Survey of Church History Part II  
  Kingdom Purpose  
  Making and Equipping Disciples  
  Theology of John’s Gospel  
  Catechism for All  
  Ordination Prep Course  
  Writing Workshop  
  Ethics and Leadership  
  Survey of the Covenants  
  Greek for Bible Study  
DBC110 Intro to Biblical Counselling  
DBC120 Personal Conflict/Family Dynamics I  
DBC130 Family Dynamics II/Prominent Life Issues  
DBC140 Prominent Life Issues II  
DBC210 Counseling Interpersonal Issues  
DBC220 Mental Disorders and Addictions  
DBC230 Misc. Life Conflicts; Practical Approaches  
DBC240 Practicum, Supervision, Review, & Testing  

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