I’m Emilio

I serve as the Director of Watershed Senior High Ministries at Perimeter Church. And here’s the truth…it is hard for me to imagine being in this role if not for Metro Atlanta Seminary.

I grew not only because of the classes…they were challenging and thought provoking without a doubt.  I mostly grew because of of my classmates and my mentor who ALWAYS pointed me to Jesus and NEVER allowed me to settle for anything less than what I believed God was calling me to. I formed bonds with my classmates that will last eternity. I am grateful to MAS for that.

About 5 years ago, I was asked to be a part of Randy Schlichting’s discipleship group. To be honest, I knew that part of the reason I was asked included giving Randy the chance to sell me on the seminary. But to be even more honest, I felt God may have been calling me to do it anyway.  I was already a part of the high school ministry at the church, but I felt God calling me, pushing me, to grow. And grow not just intellectually or theologically, but to grow closer to Him. After my time at MAS I can say that I did.

I’ve been married to my wife, Hope, for 10 incredible years. I have four amazing children, Isa (9), Grace (6), Caleb (4), and Samuel (1). I love soccer…both watching and playing.

If you are praying about seminary…If you are wondering what God may be calling you to…Let me encourage you to jump in. God calls some to be pastors, or elders, or to begin bible studies and live missionally in our offices and workplace.  God calls us ALL!

What is He calling me to, next?  I am currently looking forward to becoming an ordained pastor in the PCA.  I don’t feel called to plant or pastor a church.  My call is very much student ministry.  They deserve someone who loves them enough to challenge them in their walks; to pastor them in their struggles and to point them to the gospel at all times.  

Praying for you as you pray for what’s next.  Please know that if you do decide to jump in, that you will be a part of a community who will also be praying for you as well.

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