Kelly’s Call

Ten years ago, Kelly started to sense a distinct calling to change careers and enter into a compassion based ministry – specifically chaplaincy.

Ministry would be a second career for me, a huge leap of faith.  At my age and stage of life, I did not want to incur a large amount of education debt.  And, after looking into several seminary programs, I became discouraged at the cost. 

Fortunately, a friend suggested I look into MAS and after asking a few questions I made an appointment to discuss the acceptance process within a few days.  I discovered that the program was local, academically solid, and affordable. To my surprise, the seminary I was searching for was just 2 miles down the street, and meeting inside the church that I belonged to!  I enrolled.

For me, the strengths of MAS are the small class size, the personal interaction among students and instructors, and the flexibility of evening classes.  The work was challenging, but worth the effort – for my view of scripture and of the person of God was stretched and expanded. The studies changed me, I think differently…historically, in full narrative, linguistically.  With this deeper understanding of scripture and enriched research skills I am better able to lead, discern, and worship.

There may have only been five to graduate but what an outstanding group.  Three are now Licensed in the PCA to preach the gospel (George Vaughan, Andrés Arráez, and Mark Pfaller).  Mark is also in the process of planting a church.  Jeff Norris just moved into the role of Lead Teacher at Perimeter Church in Johns Creek.  As for Kelly,

I did make that move from the secular workforce to full-time ministry.  Having completed my M.Div. and 4 units of Clinical Pastoral Education, I now hold the credentials of Board Certified Chaplain and work in the area of Care and Compassion for Perimeter Church.  .

Without my seminary experience, those three years of deepening my understanding of theology, I would not possess the equipping needed to sit with others through those dark long nights. So, as one of my mentors told me, “If God is calling you, he will equip you.”  I took that step of faith, and would encourage you, if you feel called, to take that step as well.  There is blessing to be found.

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