Biblical Counseling

The Diploma in Biblical Counseling is full so we are no longer accepting applications.

You can apply and register anytime for our other programs including the Certificate in Christian Studies and our Masters of Divinity program.

“This program was designed to equip men and women in the congregation to serve other members in need.  Along with the Biblical Counseling courses the student will also receive biblical and theological training from the MAS core curriculum.  

How do we define “Biblical Counseling”?  Biblical Counseling seeks to bring focus and clarity in addressing human problems from the unique perspective, training and judgment of a biblical counselor who has theological training.  Biblical counseling is aware of the value of other helping disciplines such as psychology, sociology, social work and secular counseling.  However, the biblical counselor holds as the highest value the ministry of the Holy Spirit, working in the individual as the counselor walks alongside those in need, prescribing healthy steps toward growth and change.  This work is theological in nature, pastoral in focus, and life changing in intention.

Robbie Sherrill has an undergraduate degree in psychology, Masters Degree in Professional Family Counseling and a Doctorate in Christian Counseling.  Dr. Sherrill brings years of experience to the classroom.

“I have felt for some time that God has been calling me to use my gifts and experience to help equip others in counseling from a biblical perspective.”

In conjunction with Dr. Sherrill, Metro Atlanta Seminary has developed a two year program leading to a Diploma in Biblical Counseling.  This program is not about being a licensed counselor.  Rather it is about assisting the body of Christ in preparing men and women to be equipped to walk along side others through their difficult times.

Classes will meet on Thursday evenings at the North Campus.  Class size is being limited.  In addition to the standard application and references, those applying for the Diploma will also be required to provide a reference letter from their pastor or a pastor on staff at their church.  Candidates for the program will also be interviewed by Dr. Sherrill.  A college degree is not required.

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